Storm Restoration


To be the industry standard by which quality in construction is compared. Where the value we provide our customers is not only measured by our workmanship, service & a timely completion of our projects, but also by our honesty, integrity & enduring relationships. We have an unwavering commitment to the safety of our staff & those who reside in the homes upon which we work.


The Firm

Is an Insurance Claims Specialist that provides top quality storm restoration services. With its highly trained staff we will not only inspect and identify damage to your home, but will have the appropriate solutions to restoring your home properly. The Firm, LLC has the experience to handle your insurance claim quickly, efficiently and professionally. Saving you both time and money.


The Process

Initial Property Inspection: We will do an inspection & note the condition of your home; roof, guttering, siding, windows, etc.

File Your Claim: We will review the inspection notes with you & because of our extensive experience, we will be able to make recommendations that will not only correct the existing damage but prevent more damage from occuring.

Adjuster Meeting: We will meet with the Insurance Company's Adjuster, do a thorough inspection with the Adjuster, & then review the Adjuster's & the Insurance Company's findings with you, the Policy Holder, to verify that your Property Damage Claim is being handled correctly, in its entirety by the Insurance Company.

Materials and Colors Selection: We will help you to determine the best quality products & colors you feel comfortable applying to your home's new exterior.

Production: This is the most exciting part! We will restore your home back to its beautiful condition.