Storm Restoration

Hello All,

As many of our neighbors, Brandon and I were overwhelmed by the damaged caused to our home by the recent hail storm. Although our flowers are shredded, our roof is a disaster zone, and we have exterior damage to our home, one very unexpected blessing has occurred: a very kind neighbor introduced us to an amazing contractor… not a roofer, but rather a full-service professional general contractor who is assisting a number of our friends and neighbors.

As the owners of the company, The Firm, Mark Beery and his partner Keith Gray have literally worked from sun-up to sun-down the last two weeks, meeting with insurance adjusters, negotiating with the insurance companies, and doing their best to make sure each household in our neighborhood is made “whole” after this disaster. I have watched them work with every family regardless of their insurance (some companies are better than others) and in the case of my elderly neighbor, Mark’s meeting with the adjusters resulted in $20,000 worth of additional damage covered that the insurance company was initially going to ignore. He also takes time to help people re-apply and gain assistance after a denied claim when there is clearly damage that should be covered.

Mark and Keith run their company with a very old fashioned person-to-person philosophy. They don’t advertise, but spread the word by neighbor-to-neighbor referrals. Their excellent reputation is their only advertisement. I’ve personally visited homes where their crews are working, and have spoken with multiple happy customers in Colorado Springs. Every one of their roofing tradesmen is an employee, not a subcontractor.

AND Mark and Keith won’t accept ONE DIME of payment until the project is 100% complete and their customers are fully satisfied, not even a down payment for materials!!!

I realize there are many excellent contractors and you may already have someone in mind, but if you’d like a second opinion from a local (Colorado Springs/Highlands Ranch) small business who checks out as “A++ Primo”, please let me know and I’ll introduce you to two amazing men with an incredible company.

I don’t usually put this much effort into referring someone, but it occurred to me that I am very grateful to the neighbor who sent Mark and Keith to us – because we are getting so much more than we expected – and I realized that I have many friends in the area who might appreciate knowing them as well.

Warm regards,

Holly Coco
4415 Whispering Circle North
Colorado Springs, CO 80917
(719) 596-2277


"I would like to take this opportunity to put in writing our extremely pleasant experience we had by selecting "The Firm" for our roof replacement. Keith and Mark were very thorough and explained the process from the beginning (taking photos that evening), working directly with the claims adjuster, picking out the type and color of the replacement shingles, being there during the installation process and doing a final walk through to insure the job was done to our satisfaction. Feel free to contact me regarding "The Firm's" professionalism, work ethic and timeliness to completion."

-Mark J. Meyer
Nov. 2011

"It is without reservation, that I recommend the Contract Services of "The Firm!" My wife and I met co-owners, Mark Beery and Keith Gray, in June of this year following a severe hail storm that passed through our neighborhood in northeast Colorado Springs. From day-1, their professionalism and sincere, honest, straight- forward nature instilled a sense of trust and confidence in not only myself, but with numerous other home owners as well as throughout our community. I can't say enough good things about the relationship I had and continue to have with Mark and Keith. If anyone reading this letter wishes to contact me, my phone numbers are listed below…and, if you're "sitting on the fence" trying to decide on contracting their services…you're losing sleep for nothing!"

-David A. DiGeorge, Lt Col, USAF (R)
home: 719-533-0735
cell: 719-650-0944
Oct. 2011


"Well, Mark and Keith delivered as promised and more. They dealt with the insurance adjuster and were present during his inspection. Their contracted roofing company finished the job in two days with the upgraded lifetime Armstrong shingles. The painters also did a fantastic job and finished in two days as well. Honest, trustworthy, and professional are the three words that describe Mark and Keith. I will be using them again when I finished my basement."

-Tom English
Capt. Delta Airlines


"Please provide this letter of reference to those you feel may be potential clients for you and Keith Gray. As you know our home was damaged from the hail storm that struck the Greater Denver area last summer. Obviously, our choices for a contractor were numerous, but my wife and I selected you because of your extensive experience, great references, professionalism, thoroughness and knowledge of the insurance claim process. What was an unfortunate event for us was addressed by you and Keith in a conscientious manner, with a true focus on quality of workmanship and timeliness in the production, right down to the cleanup of the yard, landscaping and driveway. Hopefully, we will not have this type of weather event again but if we do, I would work with you and Keith again and recommend you to anyone in need of roof and/or general home exterior repair."

-Jason Murante


"I have been involved professionally with Mr. Beery on many projects and I have the utmost respect for his integrity, credibility, and professionalism. Mr. Beery is a credit to the construction industry and the quality of his projects is exceptional."

-Steve Seitz, P.E.,
Seitz Engineering, LLC

"I wish to recommend the services of Mark Beery and his partner, Keith Gray, and their company, The Firm. I have worked with Mark and Keith on a complete re-roofing of my home due to hail damage. The work was on budget and on time. I can confidently recommend them as a solid and reliable supplier and experts in their field."

-Phil Allen - Allen and Company
Business Communications
Evergreen, CO
July 2011


"I don't know how long or painful the repair work process would have been for me overseeing all of these 13 properties, but I can definitely say that a few stress filled days flowed into avery smooth process. Mr. Beery and his crew did a remarkable job. They were knowledgeable, professional, timely and responsible with both tenants, the insurance adjusters, and especially me. If you are considering utilizing Mr. Beery with assistance regarding a Property Damage Claim and the repair work to be completed, I cannot say enough about the outstanding job that Mark and his crew did. Mark, please use me as a referral in the future if you'd like. You guys saved the day fo me!"

-John Mattingly
Owner, Property Manager

I am writing on behalf of Mark P. Beery, managing member of The Firm L.L.C. I have worked with Mark via email and telephone as a board member of St. Andrews Homeowners Association. My relationship has been in the context of approving roof replacement requests for material and color selection for numerous homes in our sub-division. Mark has been diligent, professional and timely in working with the homeowners and their submission of change forms to initiate the construction repairs on roofs. Mark has also provided suggestions to simplify our procedures and expedite the approval process to make it easier and faster for both the board and homeowner.

The Firm is currently replacing a number of roofs in St. Andrews. No owner has complained to the board and the work appears to be completed quickly with minimum disruption to the owner and neighborhood. I cannot speak on behalf of the entire board of directors of St. Andrews HOA, but I personally can attest to the professionalism, courtesy, and diligence Mark has demonstrated in his dealings with me.

Robert D. Thompson
Treasurer, St. Andrews HOA

On the 4th of July weekend, 2011, we had a hail storm that affected our neighborhood at Windjammer. Our subdivision is bordered by Lexington, Union, and Research Boulevards. As a result of the storm there were numerous homes which had damage to their homes.

The Firm L.L.C. was one of the predominant contractors in the community and completed 25 projects. These projects cosisted of primarily roof replacements. However, there were a number of homes that were also painted and received new gutters and screens.

Mark Beery; the owner of The Firm, conducted himself in a polite and personable way. All problems were resolved in a timely and professional manner. His laborers and subcontractors were expert and efficient with their work. The HOA never recieved any complaints for trash, or non related construction noise.

If the Windjammer Community were to have the unfortunate experience of another damaging storm The Firm would be welcomed in our community.

Lynne M. Cannon
President, Windjammer Homeowners Association